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Bulgaria - Turkey IPA Cross-border Programme 2014-2020 Period Info Day

08.05.15 | Home

A seminar titled “Bulgaria - Turkey IPA Cross-border Programme 2014-2020 Period Info Day” will be held on26.05.2015 at the Trakya University Balkan Congress Center Hall no. B-6.

All potential beneficiaries such as regional administrations, municipalities, regional agencies of the central government institutions, universities, educational institutions, employment agencies, NGO’s are invited to this seminar.

During the seminar, representatives from the republic of Turkey Ministry for EU Affairs and Joint Technical Secretariat Edirne Antenna Office will explain the objectives and priorities of the Bulgaria – Turkey IPA Cross-border Programme 2014 – 2020 period and information regarding application mechanism, evaluation of the project proposals, appropriate conditions for project application, eligible activities and expenditures will be provided. In addition, the attendants will be acquainted with the legal status of the beneficiaries, partnership of the institutions from two sides of the border and the requirements regarding the cross-border effects of the project.  Finally, sample implementations from the 2007-2013 period of the Programme will be shared.

Only two representatives from each institution may participate from each institution. In order to attend the seminar, representatives of the potential beneficiaries should fill and submit the “Personal Registration Form” to until 20 May 2015.