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European Cooperation Day was celebrated by Bulgaria – Turkey IPA CBC Programme in Sozopol, Bulgaria

24.09.15 | News

Bulgaria - Turkey IPA CBC Programme organised a celebration event involving folklore dances from cross – border region for European Cooperation Day (EC Day) in Sozopol town of Bulgaria on 18 September 2015. The celebration was titled “Dance with me across the border!” and took place in Amphitheatre of Sozopol.

Alongside the local public of Sozopol as well as Bulgarian and foreign tourist visitors in the town, representatives of central and local government, diplomats, beneficiaries of projects financed under the Programme and journalists attended the event.

The celebration started with an opening and welcome speech made by Mr. Panayot Reizi, Mayor of Sozopol as host of the event. Mr Reizi stressed the importance of cross border cooperation projects and their contribution to the town of Sozopol via five projects funded by the EU under the Bulgaria – Turkey IPA CBC Programme. He put special emphasis on the Projects within which the ancient city walls and community centre in Sozopol were renovated with the financing provided by the Programme. After Mr Reizi, Mr Mesut Gider, Vice Council of Republic of Turkey in Burgas shortly expressed the importance of cooperation and synergy between the two neighbour countries.

The first part of the celebration involved ensembles from cross border region performing their own dances. It started with and opening dance “Daychovo horo” performed by the Atanas Manchev Ensemble from Burgas and continued with Turkish local dance from Kırklareli province performed by Büyükkarıştıran Secondary School dance ensemble.  Both of the ensembles demonstrated their own local dances from cross-border region with amazing skill.

Before proceeding to second part, famous Bulgarian DJ Deo who moderated the event played games quizzes and conducted some team building activities with younger participants in mixed Bulgarian and Turkish teams. This colourful part entertained both the youth involved as well as the public audience.

The second part of the celebration involved the people representing projects financed under Bulgaria – Turkey IPA CBC Programme.  ULUSDER from Lüleburgaz town in Turkey, which is established by a group of dance instructors that were trained within the culture-arts project under the Programme and their Bulgarian project partners Project Management Institute Foundation from Burgas showed to the public what they learned from project and synergy they established using the dances as a means. The Bulgarian dance "Elenino horo" was performed by the Turkish participants and the Turkish wedding dance was performed by the Bulgarian dance ensemble. Dancers from both sides made remarkable performances of each other’s national dances. The audience applauded strongly when Bulgarian "Danube horo" was performed perfectly by the Turkish dancers and wonderful Thracian dances by “Lazur” Ensemble of the Project Management Institute.

In the end of the event all participants and public including tourist visitors in Sozopol danced Bulgarian and Turkish folklore dances on the stage and this marked the closing of the event. The impressions shared by the young participants and the general public were very positive. Another EC Day organised by Bulgaria – Turkey IPA CBC Programme event ended successfully which boosted awareness of European citizens about the importance of cooperation and the support provided by the EU to bring the people across the borders closer.

What is European Cooperation Day?

European Cooperation Day campaign was initiated in 2011 by INTERACT with the support of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions to celebrate people working together across borders. The main day of this Europe-wide campaign is 21st of September, but events take place throughout the whole month of September and even in October.

'Sharing borders, growing closer' is the motto for the celebration of this spirit of cooperation throughout Europe and beyond, as territorial cooperation also involves neighbouring countries of the EU.

The aim of this initiative coordinated by INTERACT is to communicate the achievements of European cooperation across borders to the general public. The local events showcase how cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation projects are reducing obstacles and disparities, while at the same time increasing cultural understanding and efficiency between European regions. Supported by the European Commission and the European Parliament, European Cooperation Day invites all Europeans again this year to get out and meet neighbours at one of the events showcasing project results or highlighting the importance of territorial cooperation.

For more information on the EC Day please visit:

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