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IMPORTANT! Statement by the Managing Authority (MA) regarding common inquiries by beneficiaries relating to the IPA CBC Programs Bulgaria-FYROM, Bulgaria-Serbia and Bulgaria-Turkey

08.07.11 | General Questions

In relation to the frequently asked questions by the beneficiaries of IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes - Bulgaria - Turkey, Bulgaria - Bulgaria and Macedonia - Serbia, the Managing Authority issued an opinion.

Affected are the topics of:
1. Award of the obligations of members of project team;
2. Eligibility of costs paid for temporary disability benefits, annual leave and compensation for unused leave for team members of the Bulgarian partners;
3. Daily allowance, transport costs and accommodation for participants in events organized by the Bulgarian partners;
4. Bank account, the cost of administering the account fees and transactions costs for the audit of the project;
5. Costs for value added tax (VAT) in the budget of the subsidy contract already entered into force.
If necessary, the position of MA will be supplemented by new responses to emerging during project implementation issues.

Position of Managing Authority on FAQ beneficiaries.

Document can be downloaded from here:

rar.gifStatement_by_the_MA.rar (4.44 MB)