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A meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee of Bulgaria - Turkey IPA Cross-border Programme

16.06.14 | Duyurular


On June 18, 2014 a meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee of Bulgaria - Turkey Cross-border cooperation Programme will take place in Edirne, Turkey. The Programme is co-financed by the European Union through the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance. The Joint Monitoring Committee comprises of representatives of the central governmental administrations of the two countries, the regional administrations of the border region and non-governmental organizations. The JMC members will discuss the Annual Implementation Report for 2013 and financial implementation of the Programme. During the meeting proposals for contracting additional projects from the reserve list under the 3rd Call will be reviewed..

The co-chairperson of the JMC from Bulgarian side is Ms. Klimentina Deneva, Secretary General of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Bulgaria. The meeting will be co-chaired from Turkish side by Ms. Beyza Turan, Director of Financial Cooperation Directorate at the Ministry for EU Affairs of Republic of Turkey.