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First Call

Bulgaria – Turkey IPA Cross-border Programme

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of the Republic of Bulgaria
(Managing Authority)

in cooperation with

Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TİKA)
(National Authority)

are seeking for project proposals for the promotion of cross border cooperation between Bulgaria and Turkey with financial assistance from the Bulgaria - Turkey IPA Cross-border Programme. Under present Call for Proposals an indicative amount of EUR 6.293.611 is available for the project proposals from both partnering countries. Project proposals would have to target one of the following priority areas:

  1. Sustainable Social &Economic Development
  2. Improvement the Quality of Life

The ultimate objective will be to enhance the capability of the local and regional authorities, non-governmental organizations and business associations, cultural and educational institutions, etc. to develop and implement joint projects within the border region in the following Bulgarian NUTS III level territorial units: Burgas, Yambol, Haskovo and Turkish Provinces Edirne and Kirklareli.


The full Guidelines for Applicants and Application Package are available for download on the following web page addresses:,,, and

The deadline for submission of proposals is 28th December 2009, 16:00 local time in the address indicated in the Guidelines for Applicants for the present Call for proposals. Information sessions on this call for proposals will be held in Bulgaria and Turkey. The dates and location of these sessions will be announced on the web sites,, and

Contact for additional information: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of the Republic of Bulgaria: +359 2 9405 683, Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency +90 312 508 1157

Applicatipon package:

doc.gifQuestions and answers - 07.12.09 (372 KB)

pdf.gifApplicant's Guide - Bulgarian Language (1.55 MB)

pdf.gifApplicant's Guide - English Language (1.53 MB)

rar.gifApplication Form (NEW version) (733.98 KB)

doc.gifAnnex A 1 Project summary (264 KB)

doc.gifAnnex A 2 CV (275.5 KB)

doc.gifAnnex A 3 Partnership agreement (4.78 MB)

doc.gifAnnex A 4 Declaration of eligibility (279.5 KB)

doc.gifAnnex A 5 Sworn statement (273.5 KB)

doc.gifAnnex A 6 Declaration of commitment (30.5 KB)

doc.gifAnnex C Subsidy contract (207.5 KB)