Strategic Documents

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Product: A virtual guide through the green corridors network in Burgas and Kirklareli.

Project: "Green Corridors" - promotion of cultural, natural and historical heritage in the border region of Burgas and Kirklareli


Product: a. Research of monuments and data base on the Thracian sites in Turkish territory. (8,6 MB)

b. Research of monuments and data base on the Thracian sites in Bulgarian territory. (5,74 MB)



Product: Household Composting Guide (Turkish, 10,5 MB)

Household Composting Guide (Bulgarian, 14 MB)

Project: Capacity building for biodegradable waste management in the cross-border region of Burgas and Kirklareli. (Brochure in Bulgarian ; Brochure in Turkish)


Product:  a. Study of key natural resources and cultural heritage in the municipalities of Bolyarovo and Kofçaz (Bulgarian, 15 MB)

b. Marketing survey and analysis of tourist attractions in Bolyarovo (Bulgarian, 5,7 MB)

c. Study of the Turkish monuments in the Municipality Bolyarovo

Project: Initiation of Partnerships for Valorization of Local Natural Assets and Cultural Heritage


Product: Manual and study on sustainable impact of pest (Turkish, 1 MB)

Manual and study on sustainable impact of pest (Bulgarian, 25 MB)

Project: Transboundary Cooperation for Agrochemistry and Pest Control Education 


Product: An on-line tool for environmental self-assessment of SMEs

Project: Joint Eco Forces of Small and Medium Enterprises of Cross-Border Region


Product: a. Socio-economic analysis and analysis of Food and Drink sector of Bulgaria and Turkey at national and regional level in both countries.

b. Study on market apportunities for business cooperation development in Food and Drink sector in the BG-TR cross-border region and opportunities for SMEs for funding under EU Structural Funds.

Project: Stimulation of entrepreneurship in the Food and Drink sector of the BG-TR cross border area


Product: Analysis on the role of women in business life, entrepreneurship and instruments to start up a small business in Bulgaria and Burgas Region  (6.7 MB)

Research on the EU policy on matters of gender equality and fight against discrimination. Good practices   (3.2 MB)

Role of women in economic life in Turkey and Kırklareli (3,1 MB)



Product: a. Research and analysis on the human resources characteristics and the needs of the economic and social sector.

b. Strategy for Integrated Regional Human Resources Development (SIRHRD) (Products are accessible under “Resources” Menu

Project: Cross-border Learning and Education Strategies with Focus on the Use of ICT


Product: Joint action plan for agriculture waste management (AWM) (Bulgarian)

Project: Joint Promotion of Agriculture Waste Composting


Product: Sociological Survey (3 MB)

Project: Equal Employment Opportunities


Product: Multiple products on project website (Browse “products” section); Catalogue „Cultural heritage of Hakovo and Kirklareli" (2,5 MB)

Project: Cultural heritage - asset for cross-border cohesion and prosperity s


Product: Strategy for youth development and Annual calendar for youth activities in cross-border region

Project:  Strong, Knowing, Intelligent, Labouring and Leading Schoolfellows


Product: Study and evaluation of the risk factors for the environment in the cross-border eco-systems. ; Study Uzunköprü

Project:  Advanced Quality of life Through Investment activities for improvement of the Cross-border management of floods


Product: a. Origin, regulation and development of craftsmanship in cross-border communities of Burgas region

b. Present condition and possibilities for adaptation of regulated and non-regulated crafts in cross-border Strandzha and some multi-ethnic areas of Burgas region

c. Development process of tradesman and craftsman professions in turkey and Kırklareli example European integration & regional competitiveness foundation

d. Development process of tradesman and craftsman professions in turkey and   Kirklareli  example 

e. Development and opportunities of the crafts (a, b, c, d, e: 11,3 MB)

f. Handbook about the exchanging of best practices (23 MB)

Project: Traditional Craft Professions and their Adaptation to the Economy in the Cross-Border Area


Product: Movie with natural beauties of the area - Lubimec - Luleburgaz

Project: Preservation of Cultural and Historical Heritage


The products above have been produced with the assistance of the European Union through Bulgaria - Turkey IPA CBC Programme . The contents of the products are the sole responsibility of the beneficiaries and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.