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The Overall Strategic Goal of CBC Programme is to achieve balanced sustainable development build upon the key strengths of the Bulgaria-Turkey cross-border co-operation area in contribution to stronger European co-operation and integrity.

The CBC Programme will work towards its Overall Strategic Goal by pursuing interventions in the co-operation area to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Boost sustainable economic development in co-operation area build on the comparative advantages
  • Improve the overall social development and promote social cohesion among people and communities
  • Improve the quality of life by efficiently use of common natural resources as well as protection of natural, cultural and historical heritage values

The three specific objectives of the programme are expected to produce major impacts, all related to the different potentials characterising the border area:

Social impact:

  • Improvement of standard of living
  • Decrease in the unemployment

Economic impact:

  • Contribution to local economies
  • Stimulation of infrastructure investment